Thursday, 17 March 2011

Something A Little Arty

Searching through my files on the PC for that one thing you can never find (like you do) and found my art portfolio (like you might do if you had a portfolio) and thought I'd share some of my previous artwork here from a few years ago before I was a Monkey maker and when I was a "starving artist" (now I'm a starving monkey maker instead)All of these works are acrylics on rather large canvas (30 x 40 inches average)and all were commissioned by various people mostly from America but some remain in the UK.There are a few reproductions here that I created by my most fav artist Roy Lichtenstein....anyway enough of that BACK TO THE MONKEYS!!!!!

                                                                    Ironing Girl 2007
 London 2005
 Mystify 2004
 NWGC 2006
 Mini Cooper 2005
 Lake View in Detail 2006
 Katie 2004
 Wisp (impasto) 2006
 Cyber Girl 2007
 Outcrop (impasto) 2007
Girl (cropped for modesty lol) 2006
 Lichtenstein Repro "Ohh Alright" 2007
 Lichtenstein Repro "M-Maybe"" 2007
Lichtenstein Repro "In The Car" 2007


  1. Lichtenstein is one of my faves too :D

    Your art is's a shame you were starving though, thats not cool.


  2. these are brilliant...i love katie 2004 :)x