Saturday, 2 April 2011

Giveaway Entrants

Ok so I have compiled a list of the entries and here they are in the random name generator....if you have entered, your name will be here!!! 

Monday, 21 March 2011


Some of you may know that The Sock Monkey Shop has a brand new page over on Facebook and hopefully you have followed me over from my personal profile "Sock Shop".
"Why the new page?!" I hear you cry...well due to Facebook rules my little cuddly friends should only be offered on a "business" page not a personal profile so.... from now on all monkeys will be appearing for adoption at The Sock Monkey Shop on Facebook.

The Giveaway
To celebrate The Sock Monkey Shop's new page I am giving away a cute monkey family consisting of Mummy Monkey,Daddy Monkey and Baby Monkey,all you have to do to win this fab giveaway is two simple things,no difficult questions here!

First of all head over to The Sock Monkey Shop on Facebook and click the like button,some of you may have already done this bit (I will be checking!!) then simply post your name and email address below and I will enter your name into the giveaway.
If you don't have a Blogger account you can email me at with your name and email address and I will enter the details for you. The giveaway will close for entries on Saturday 2nd of April at 6pm and all names listed below will be entered into an online name picker and the winner announced here on my blog....Good Luck,get "liking" and "typing" !! xoxox

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Something A Little Arty

Searching through my files on the PC for that one thing you can never find (like you do) and found my art portfolio (like you might do if you had a portfolio) and thought I'd share some of my previous artwork here from a few years ago before I was a Monkey maker and when I was a "starving artist" (now I'm a starving monkey maker instead)All of these works are acrylics on rather large canvas (30 x 40 inches average)and all were commissioned by various people mostly from America but some remain in the UK.There are a few reproductions here that I created by my most fav artist Roy Lichtenstein....anyway enough of that BACK TO THE MONKEYS!!!!!

                                                                    Ironing Girl 2007
 London 2005
 Mystify 2004
 NWGC 2006
 Mini Cooper 2005
 Lake View in Detail 2006
 Katie 2004
 Wisp (impasto) 2006
 Cyber Girl 2007
 Outcrop (impasto) 2007
Girl (cropped for modesty lol) 2006
 Lichtenstein Repro "Ohh Alright" 2007
 Lichtenstein Repro "M-Maybe"" 2007
Lichtenstein Repro "In The Car" 2007

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Fairy Story

Well it's been a busy few days over at The Sock Monkey Shop with lots of frenzied work on custom orders,the little lady above is Ruby the Red Rainbow Fairy (from the rainbow fairy books) she just needs a wand to be complete...thats a job for tomorrow now....such a shame I have to stop sewing to feed a family with burnt offerings!...not much of a "fairy story"

Saturday, 12 March 2011

This Little Piggy Went To Market

This little piggy went to market to do some sock shopping while the monkey maker stayed at home frantically sewing custom orders,I hope porky brings me some nice socks!
meanwhile the penguins discussed the weather and the fact it may be a little too warm for them to venture out with scarfs on.....

Be brave little guys!! it's lovely out there today!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Bandit says hello

Bandit insisted of having his photo on the blog and he wanted me to tell you a little about him.Bandit was born in October 2010 and he was the very first baby monkey that I made,he had two brothers who went on to be adopted through my Facebook page,he is 6 inches tall and made from baby sized socks.Bandit got his name from the happy coincidence of sock markings around his eyes,I don't recommend that baby monkeys play with plugs but Bandit thinks it's a good way to show you his tiny size!

Monkeys can blog too!

Welcome to the brand spanking new blog of The Sock Monkey Shop where I hope to keep you updated with the regular goings on within the monkey factory,competitions and giveaways.Bandit (the monkey maker's personal helper) will as always be trying to help me,mostly he is very good at sitting around and posing for pics,I'm yet to discover his real talent (apart from being very cute)
Today I am working on custom orders....some interesting ones here,keep an eye out for the pics coming soon of them and in the meantime have a great weekend!